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Unarmed Prowess: An enlightened fist's class levels count as monk levels for the purpose of determining unarmed strike damage, his flurry of blows progression and his movement speed bonus. If the enlightened fist has no monk levels, he is treated as a monk of a level equal to his class e: Rogue.

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An enlightened fist may make an infinite strike 2/day at 7th, and 3/day at 9th level. Astral Projection: An 8th level enlightened fist can use astral projection, as per the spell, at will with a casting time of 10 minutes. When an enlightened fist's astral cord is destroyed, instead of dying outright he may immediately reconstruct its cord and Editing: Clarity edits only please.

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General Prestige Class: Enlightened Fist. Not all monks pursue metaphysical perfection to the exclusion of all other study. Some monks combine a rigorous discipline of academic study with martial arts and development of the body.

Every level in Enlightened Fist, the character gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in his highest arcane caster class. ABILITIES: Level 1: Unarmed Damage - Enlightened Fist's levels stack with his monk level. Enlightened speed - Enlightened Fist's levels stack with his monk level. Apr 21, · An enlightened fist does not gain any other monk class features (except for Diamond Soul at level 9). Any Feats that effect how a monk calculates these features carries over to the enlightened fist. Fist of Energy (Su): At 2nd level, the enlightened fist picks either the fire, ice, or electric element.
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Enlightened Fist - General Prestige Class. This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign. Not all monks pursue metaphysical perfection to .

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Class Features. All of the following are class features of the enlightened fist prestige class: Hit Die: d8. Multiclassing Note: A monk who becomes an enlightened fist can continue advancing as a monk. Furthermore, the character’s class levels in any classes that grant arcane spellcasting ability (such as sorcerer or warmage) do not prevent. This is a list of prestige classes in the 3rd edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing ge classes were introduced in third edition as a further means of individualizing a character. This list includes content for both the original 3rd edition and the revision.

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Jul 29, · PEACH! Changed quite a lot so please give some feedback. So I wanted to make a subclass that had the same feel and flavour of the original Enlightened Fist prestige class from Enlightened Fist (e Prestige Class) Fist of Corruption (e Prestige Class) Fist of Thaël (e Prestige Class) Planar Fist (e Prestige Class) Sainted Fist (e Prestige Class) Transcendent Fist (e Prestige Class) e Other. Blazing Fist (e Spell) Dense Fists (e Feat) Dwarven Fist (e Equipment) Earthly Fist (e Spell.

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Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Prestige Classes February 28, Prestige Classes Page 4 Prestige Classes Summary by Topic Race-Specific Prestige Classes Changeling Cabinet Trickster (p. 26) – a Changeling who can read minds and even disrupt them. Recaster (p. 68) – .
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